1. Mang tomas #pinoy

  2. Guinea pigs

  3. Highway to nowhere

  4. Psycho #selfie

  5. #selfie (at Southern Fish Fry on Wealthy)

  6. Balance beams (at Aerials & Baranis)

  7. Cake toppers (at Belman’s Bakery Inc)

  8. Friends. by MichelleSimonJadaJana http://flic.kr/p/pfiCwk

  9. Comeremos en la otra orilla by [GMR] Guillermo Moratalla http://flic.kr/p/oXRrgg

  10. Orthodox Pilgrim In Front Of The Pool At Timkat Festival, Lalibela, Ethiopia by Eric Lafforgue http://flic.kr/p/oMTdDg